Debbie deals with the competition

Debbie Levitt, CEO of Ptype UX & Product Design Agency, has been a UX There was a lot of cheap competition and I had to keep redefining myself and.
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In an interview with MLex earlier this year, Ramirez pointed to cases involving radiopharmacy seller Cardinal Health and drugmaker Cephalon as examples when disgorgement was a necessary remedy because an injunction would not be sufficient to address the wrongdoing. The agency would pursue that relief only when the underlying violation is clear, when there is a reasonable basis for calculating the amount of the remedial payment and after considering the availability of other remedies.

Not everyone at the FTC agrees. In essence, we are moving from clear guidance on disgorgement to virtually no guidance. By Kirk Victor. T: That sounds extremely useful.

How about outside of work? I have an awesome vocal booth in my house.

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I am plotting, planning, and rehearsing a big vocal audition demo. And super in love with my 5 wacky dogs, canettiperfetti on Instagram.

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T: They look supercute! I have an account for my pets as well. Anything else you'd like readers to know before we jump into freelancing? Tell us, what drove you to freelancing? D: In , I started my own web design agency. So I was already a freelancer or mini agency, and I have been ever since.

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I've taken some contract jobs and tried a couple of full time jobs. T: What was your biggest obstacle when you were starting out? D: Same obstacle as today, finding clients. When I started out, everybody thought if they had FrontPage, they were a web designer. There was a lot of cheap competition and I had to keep redefining myself and finding niches in which I could specialise.

The same is true today though now it's most visual designers are sure they are as good at UX as I am, and companies give them the job so they only have to hire one person even if that artist ends up not being that good with UX.

Debbie deals with the competition

T: What is for you the main advantage of Freelancing? D: For me, it allows me to live my life the way I want to. I can travel and work from wherever I am. I'm that weirdo who buys unlimited internet on cruise vacations and does work.

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I can work anywhere I have electricity and good WiFi, which opens a lot of possibilities on where I can live or travel. T: How about main disadvantage? D: For me, the main disadvantage has been the uncertainty of where is the next project coming from. I overcome that with confidence and knowing it always appears! You also have to watch patterns and know when there are times of year that you might not get work.

And some Chinese jiggery pokery medicine that I couldn't tell you what it was. Positive affirmations were flowing thick and fast to make me feel adored and adorned and Sean explained everything he was doing as he went along. There was a powerful machine that vibrated on my scapula at so many beats per minute that my muscles had no option but to release and let go brain science and finally I was covered in slices of freshly cut cucumber to cool down the skin and detox.

Perhaps what impressed me the most overall was Sean's comprehensive knowledge of the anatomy of the body. Coming from a Physiotherapy and sports massage background, Sean's technical knowledge was awe inspiring. I had a complete body diagnosis of alignments, misalignments, muscle tone and condition.

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I felt totally appreciated and studied, as one might study a racehorse. I felt like an athlete, a fine specimen of a woman with assets I didn't even know I had!! What a positive affirmation! Would I recommend a visit to Sean? Competition time, our popular chaise up for grabs. Winner will be picked on the 22nd. Do share if you like. To enter all you have to do is follow our Facebook page, share this post and comment below to let us know you have entered! Jump to.

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